In line with the global trends there is growing demand for e-commerce in Hungary as well. Besides satisfying the conscious customers the companies have to bear in mind several legal obligations.

Complex field of law

The main rules of the electronic commerce activities are regulated by several acts, as E-commerce Act, Data Privacy Act, Trademark Act, Civil Code, etc.

Our office has already prepared General Terms and Conditions, Data Privacy Conditions and Costumer Information documents to several web-stores.

Domain names

The Hungarian Code Civil, the Trademark Act, the Act on Unfair Competition and even the Domain Registration Rules and procedures prescribe to choose a domain name not infringing other parties prior rights (including trademarks or inherit rights).

Our office provides professional availability searches prior the registration of domain names.

Our Services

  • Preparing
    • General Terms and Conditions for web-stores
    • Data Privacy Policy for web-stores
    • Customer Information in line with the Customers Protection rules
  • Representation before the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information
  • Representation before the Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection (HACP)
  • Domain name availability searches