We offer legal assistance and representation among others in establishment of business associations, non-profit organizations, real-estate purchase agreements, inheritance cases and judicial enforcement.

Our services

  • Preparing different kind of civil contracts including purchase agreement, transfer of ownership rights and representing our foreign clients in connection with these agreements at the competent authorities,
  • Establishing different kind of companies, branch offices, trade representation of foreign companies operating in Hungary,
  • Representing the companies with foreign participation at the court of registration in case of modification of the Deed of Association, company statutes,
  • Providing the service of delivery agent (obligatory for foreigners having participation in Hungarian companies),
  • General legal representation in all kinds of matter of an operating company owned by foreigners including mergers and acquisitions, preparing the necessary due diligence, insolvency and dissolution proceedings
  • Resident and work permit
  • Representation in legal proceedings/litigation
  • Representation in inheritance/probate actions